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BFD: A Rockin' Balkan Band out of the Bay Area, CA!

With searing instrumentals and fierce, sultry vocals soaring over hard-hitting grooves, the Bay Area's Rockin' Balkan band, Balkalicious Fire Drive moves you with the raw and intoxicating energy, sound and spirit of the Balkans! The group is passionate about honouring traditional musical roots, particularly those of Greek, Balkan Rom, and Macedonian music, while infusing their sound with more modern sensibilities.

The members of
BFD bring with them extensive and vibrant histories immersed in the world music scene. They are: Leslie Bonnett on vocals and violin; Shea A.J. Comfort on clarinet; Haig Kassabian on drums; Stu Brotman on bass; and Ali Yağiz Şen on guitar and vocals.

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